“We are not an ordinary limo service” – exclusive transport “ECS Serbia”

A luxury car that is waiting for you at an appointed time in a certain place, a well-mannered driver thats speaks english language know-how, credit card payment, are just some of the benefits that ECS Serbia (Executive Car Service Serbia) from Belgrade, dealing with urban, local and international passenger transport, as well as courier services.

chafeur in white gloves placing a bottle of water

-We are trying to be an innovator and a leader in passenger transport services. There is a great expansion of foreign companies in Serbia that do not have their own fleet. There will be more and more and we want to be ready. Our customer circle is quite large. These are mostly consulting companies, bankers, IT engineers … All our services are available every day of the year, 24 hours a day. Three luxury cars are non-stop available. If necessary, we can hire an additional ten cars, two vans of seven and fifteen seats, and if it’s a transport for more people, we have a bus of 50 seats. Clients usually contact us by phone on our site or via e-mail we reply within half an hour.

Luxury cars in Belgrade are rented for at least two hours. There are many benefits of this kind of transport compared to the city tax.

In Belgrade, traffic is always crowded and the main problem is with parking. If you have 4-5 meetings during the day, you could just park your car all day long. And if you stop a cab on the street, you never know what kind of vehicle and driver will you get and if you enter the white outfit come out in black, then you will for sure leave a bad impression on your meeting.

Since foreigners are the target group of “ECS Serbia”, we often have the drive to the airport.

Taxis have a cheaper airport transfer, but we have found that time and reliability are the most important thing for business people. For example, the client should be at the airport at 18 o’clock, and we will schedule a ride at 16 o’clock and 30 minutes. At the meeting he stayed up to 17 hours. We can take your luggage and arrive on time to check and board the plane. No one has ever been late with us, I think that is very important. We are waiting ahead of you in time,  we wait until you arrive, even if you are late. It’s included in our price. If you come from abroad and the airplane is late, or it may be foggy and the airplane circles above the airport, we are following when the plane will land, when you go out and pass customs control you will see one of us waiting for you with a smile, despite the fact that you have been late for four hours . You will recognize us on the yellow paper with “welcome” and your name.

If you have a meeting in Skopje, and a plane from Belgrade flyes every evening at 9:00 am and in the morning you have a meeting, you will have to sleep in Skopje. For Belgrade, the plane goes only in the morning and that means you have to sleep for another night. The costs are a plane ticket, back and forth, two overnights in the hotel, and a taxi there. For the same price, even smaller, you will get the same service-to take you there, wait, go back, finishing everything in one day.

Our country does not have direct flights to Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, you must fly to Vienna and catch another plane there. For example, if you are traveling by plane to Bucharest, you must first to Vienna and from Vienna to Bucharest. We take you to Timisoara because the distance is only 180 kilometers, and there you have a direct flight to Bucharest. With ECS Serbia you save two hours.

Foreigners who drive with ECS Serbia for a week do not have to worry every day that they have Serbian dinars, on the last day of the ride, they can get a full bill for the service and pay with a credit card.

The greatest satisfaction and additional stimulus to for us in this business was when we started to drive children of foreigners to school and back because they consider it to be a great responsibility and obligation and a sign of trust. We very much apreciate it.

The client is hard to find, to keep even harder, lose it in a few seconds, so we want to provide the service they we would like ourselves.

If the rain is faling, we will open an umbrella out of our car and keep the umbrella up, protect our client from the rain until it arrives at the car itself, we will open the door and help him with things. If we drive older clients, we will take them to the fourth floor without a lift, because it belongs to our service. Taking care of our clients we consider to be a much important segment than the transport itself.

When it is a high temperature outside, in the back of the car is “ECS Serbia”, there is a bottle of mineral water, refreshing candies, wet wipes.

Clients from Serbia are usually skeptical when it comes to scheduling the drive in advance – they ask who will guarantee that the driver will be at the agreed time at the required location, but from “ECS Serbia” they get the answer they are satisfied and that is “if we are late you dont need to pay , but we will be there before you imagine it. “

“ECS Serbia” also carries out courier services.

On our site you can find moe information about courier services. Other courier services are probably cheaper, but we’re more reliable certainly. It is obligatory that we have experience in transporting the customer personally before we accept to drive his valuables, money or contracts.

In “ECS Serbia” we try to promote Serbia to foreigners, we talk to them about culture and history, as well as a cuisine with tasty specialties.

We plan to invest in the purchase of limousines, an economy class car and hunting and fishing vehicles to meet special needs of our clients.


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