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When you think of personal drivers, you picture professional drivers who are able to quickly move through traffic and to effectively find the best route to take you from any point A to point B. This is definitely true.

Their ability behind the wheel, though, is not the only quality you should be looking for when picking your next driver. A chauffeur is more than a simple vehicle conductor. This figure has to deal and communicate with customers, show politeness, professionalism, and a certain degree of charm and people skills.

Dealing with any kind of problems
Imagine this: after a long plane trip, you finally land at your destination and prepare to reach your hotel to spend the night. As you walk through the terminal and dodge tourists and locals alike, you notice that one of the attendants you had the chance to get familiar with on your flight is trying to have your attention and deliver a message.
Once enough travelers have gathered around them, the attendants announce how, due to some problems, your luggage has been loaded on the wrong aircraft and is now enjoying a much needed tropical holiday. Alone and with no knowledge of your surroundings, you walk to the parking spot where your personal driver is waiting for you.
Here is where solid customer service comes into play. Your personal driver should not only be able to ensure your safety on the road, but also assist you with a plethora of problems. The personal driver knows the city well, can provide you with hints and tips on how to survive the situation.
Customer service also means respecting your needs and requests. While taxi drivers often end up chatting throughout the trip and some have reported harassment and other discomfort, a personal driver is instructed to always be professional. Your privacy and comfort will be the driver’s first priority, both while driving and while dealing with you directly.

chafeur in white gloves placing a bottle of water
Exclusive limo service

In Conclusion

Considering their driving skills when hiring your next personal driver is definitely important, but before confirming your purchase you should test the company’s customer service and their response.
Ensuring that your next temporary staff members’ skills with their passengers are as good as their ability with the vehicle itself might be a time consuming process, but will definitely affect your customer’s opinion of your company and of your business choices.

Customer service also has an effect on returning clients. Being treated well will definitely encourage business associates to come back to your office, now sure that they will have a great time both with you and with your transportation provider.

Carefully choosing your next personal driver will repay you. Instead of hurrying through the selection process, longer investigations and more comparisons will result in greater quality, more satisfaction, and a better image for your company and for yourself.

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