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We take the liberty to inform you that we are able to offer you complete service of passenger transportation in country and abroad. All vehicles are air-conditioned, comfortable with high level of equipment. All drivers are professionals, with minimum of 5 years of working experience and with knowledge of miniumum one language besides Serbian (English).

We present you an excerpt of the price list:

 Airport transfer
include driver, fuel, parking
Per hour
include driver, fuel, parking
Car day
include 200km and 10 hours, driver, fuel, pay toll, parking
Half car day
include 100km and 6 hours, driver, fuel, pay toll, parking
Bussines trip per km
include driver, fuel, pay toll, parking
Mercedes E class 2021 – Max 3 passengers max 3 suitcase100€100€550€450€1,8
Mercedes E class 2021 – Max 3 passengers max 3 suitcase40€40€250€180€1
Mercedes E class 2017 – Max 3 passengers max 3 suitcase35€35€200€120€0,9
Mercedes S class 2017 – Max 3 passengers max 3 suitcase70€70€400€300€1,5
Mercedes GLE – Max 4 passengers max 4 suitcase80€80€450€330€1,6
Mercedes V class 2017 – Max 7 passengers max 7 suitcase50€50€240€190€1,1
Mercedes Sprinter 2015 – Max 20 passengers80€80€250€180€1,4
Stretch Limousine Lincoln Town car – Max 8 passengers150€150€on reqon req– – –
Hummer H2 Limousine
– Max 8 passengers
250€250€on reqon req– – –
Chrysler 300C Limousine
– Max 8 passengers
150€150€on reqon req– – –
  • The price includes all travel expenses (fuel, tolls, bridge toll).
  • VAT in the amount of 10 % will be added to the displayed price.
  • The price does not include costs of eventual driver’s overnight.
  • The passengers are insured during entire transportation.
  • Prices are shown in €. Payment in dinar equivalent at the official exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the payment date.
  • Payment through account, in cash or credit cards (VISA, DINA, MASTER CARD).
  • Prices for other services are formed by agreement

For Additional informations and reservation – Contact us
INFO 0-24 

+381 (0)63 282-900




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