Vehicles ‘ECS SERBIA’ for nine years have traveled more than twelve million kilometers

     Although the services of limousine rental in Serbia are not as demanded as in the more developed countries, this type of transportation in the lattely is increasingly popular with us. This is demonstrated by the example of our company Executive Car Service Serbia (ECS Serbia) from Belgrade, which since 2010 has been engaged in urban, local and international passenger transport, as well as courier service. In our vehicles you will be welcomed by well-dressed drivers, with ties and English language skills, and the main advantage is that it is a fully personalized service tailored to the individual needs of the users, who sometimes have some unexpected or unusual requests.

Vjetrović, our CEO, Executive Car Service Serbia, says that the most important feature of the company’s services is their complexity.

Zoran Vjetrovic -CEO ECS Serbia

-We provide the service of a limo service, which is not just a transportation. That’s why we insist on high criteria and accuracy – in minutes! The other element that distinguishes our service from the competition is quality. All our drivers wear suits, ties, everyone knows English, they are adequate interlocutors. They are reliable and have all gone through extra training. The service in each element must be of high quality – explains Zoran Vjetrovic and adds that the same rule applies to couriers who essentially understand the process in which they participate.

   “It is not the same to send a document to the signature or a invitation for a cocktail organized by the embassy by mail. In the latter case, the courier must be in the suit and his behavior must be appropriate, since he repfresents the embassy that invites . The essence is that the demand for courier deals is very simple, but the way in which these jobs are performed is very important in the side items. With such an approach to service provision, we have set certain standards and accessed the concept of service beyond the client’s requirements.

Among the most sought-after journeys is an airport transfer for some time, but not in the primary form of this service. Namely, ECS Serbia is hired by large companies and hotels for VIP users, so drivers and vehicles guarantee a service that is more important than a normal transfer.

– When you send someone to your home for an important guest, you are looking for a service that is very sensitive, on the other hand, you are indicating the huge trust of the company you have hired. We have justified this trust for years and now we can conclude that this type of service is the most common in our country. In addition, there is also a service that we offer to corporate clients as a relatively new service, resulting from the adjustment of market requirements. This is above all a service for the maintenance of vehicles, personal drivers and transportation that is adaptable according to the company’s request or a certain task – said Vjetrovic and points out that this service is much wider, has more levels and more possibilities, but on the other hand it is more logistic.

It is a new challenge for the company, and it is currently in second place according to the number of completed jobs.

From the airport to the maternity ward.

ECS Serbia has high class cars, vans and buses, respectable and recognizable everywhere in the world. Zoran Vjetrovic emphasizes that the fleet is always young – vehicles are up to two years old, and the criteria for maintenance and hygiene are at the highest possible level. They mostly rely on luxury vehicles and reliable brands in the auto industry. Otherwise, the company has 12 full-time employees, and there are also employees who periodically hire, when the need arises.

The offer of ECS Serbia also includes rides outside Serbia, and the longest planned route was Paris. There are also Istanbul, Lake Constance in Switzerland, Monte Carlo.

– Usually there were clients who used our services for a longer period of time, were used to vehicles and drivers and for some reason they could not use air transport. On the other hand, the longest unplanned relation was Slovenia. This ride began as a routine circular tour around the city, and then a member of the delegation received an invitation to start his birth to his wife and we moved right from the business forum in Belgrade and drove him back to Slovenia. To me personally this may be the most desirable ride, which at the same time provides a clear picture of how much we are prepared for each task.

Among the most unusual requests of the users is a call from Greece, when a client from a business trip wanted to surprise his wife. On that occasion, the driver was waiting at the airport with a full car of roses. The request was extremely precise – 201 roses, exactly the specified length, with lush buds, and the hand was very short.

– Then I saw the problem in Belgrade to find roses! We went through the whole city collecting  roses for this bouquet – recalls Zoran Vjetrovic.

The most frequent users of services are international companies, large hotels and embassies. There are many users who first drove as business users and then continued to use services privately. It is difficult to accurately answer how many customers and rides were made, but we proudly state that ECS Serbia vehicles have crossed over 12 million kilometers.

– -This kind of service in Serbia is not required as in the more economically developed countries, but evidently there is a demand. Its advantage is that it is a fully personalized and tailored to individual persons needs.

When it comes to competition, Zoran Vjetrovic points out that demand has created an offer, and so there are several respectable companies that provide similar services.

– We try to be the best, to maintain high standards of service, but it is quite certain that there are reliable and good companies among our competitors. Of course, as in every business in such young markets, companies that try to get rich quicky appear periodically, but they disappear after a while. All of them that I consider serious competition are companies that have been working for more than a decade and did not arise overnight.

ECS Serbia plans to intensify the development of new sectors within the company in the upcoming period.

– We intend to unify and complete the organizational model of the company. In addition, we have plans to introduce two more sectors that are just beginning to build, and for which there is a demand. Currently, the fleet is maintained at the existing level, but it needs the be even more upgraded, to become wider and more diversified, primarily to corporate customers.


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