One of the most significant business events of the year, Kopaonik Business Forum 2020 is approaching. The event, which will be held from 1 to 4 March, brings together a large number of people from the country and the world.

Through various lectures and talks, the goal is to develop plans and strategies for the further progress and development of our country’s science and economy. If you are going to be a part of this event, contact ECS today and provide quality, luxurious and reliable transportation to Kopaonik.

Why ECS is the right choice, here’s some evidence to support it:

  • Fleet
    Our fleet consists of Mercedes E sedans and S Class, as well as Mercedes vehicles for the transport of a large number of passengers (minivan and minibus). Luxuriously equipped for your most comfortable atmosphere, leather-covered seats, air-conditioned and immaculately tidy space will make your journey to Kopaonik seamless!
  • Drivers
    Our drivers have undergone a series of trainings and inspections to do their jobs. They know Belgrade and Serbia very well, so they are at your service for all the necessary information. Thanks to them, you won’t have to worry about transportation to and from the airport, parking or traffic jams. It’s only up to you to get comfortable and enjoy the ride.
  • Services
    We are at your disposal exactly as much as you need. One day or more, contact us because we are ready for any form of arrangement.
    In the business world, a limo and a driver are not a matter of luxury and prestige – they are necessities! Our job is to take care of traffic and road conditions, and yours to relax and prepare for meetings and lectures.

    To Kopaonik with ECS- because it’s the best!
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