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We haven’t missed nature like for the past two months for a long time! The peace and tranquility that nature provides has a beneficial effect on human physical and mental health. If you have so far enjoyed walking in the parks, next to rivers or lakes, now is the right time to set yourself new goals and reach new peaks! Hiking may be the right choice for you!

The advantages of this type of recreation are numerous: staying in the fresh air, away from urban pollution; hanging out with friends or spending quality time with family members; getting to know the natural beauties of your country.
However, if you decide for this type of recreation, especially if you are a beginner, it is necessary to meet a few prerequisites that will make your stay on the mountain even more beautiful. First of all, pay special attention to your health condition. Keep in mind that hiking requires a certain condition and physical fitness. Therefore, let your first trips be to the hills and lower mountains – in this way you will slowly get acquainted with your own possibilities and prepare for more demanding sections.
The next thing you need to prepare to be able to successfully hike is adequate equipment. What experienced mountaineers will immediately advise you to get is appropriate footwear and clothing. What you must take with you is a sleeping bag. Keep in mind that when packing for hiking, you carry all things with you all the time – that’s why it is desirable to be as light as possible. Don’t forget to bring a hat or cap that will protect you from the sun!

And finally, logistics. Remember that careful planning is the key to successful hiking! If you are part of a group, provide transportation on time! ECS limo service minibuses are at your disposal! We guarantee that you will enjoy the trip as much as you will enjoy the walk in the mountains. Our drivers are here for you! What distinguishes them is reliability, accuracy and precision. Pay attention to everything else that concerns the organization, and leave the transport services to professionals – ECS limo service!
Contact us on time and ensure a comfortable, safe and secure ride! We continue to create memories together!

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