Where to travel when Corona goes away!

These days, various topics are discussed. We think about work, we care for health, for grandparents, for children staying indoors. Those who have planned and paid for their holidays months ago, stay at exotic destinations, spas, mountains, plans have changed. We simply wait for them to tell us with certainty that it is safe to go on a trip or to a tourist center. For this reason, ECS limo service with this text wants to remind you of all those places in Serbia that should be visited and which represent real tourist attractions!
For now, you can do this through virtual tours led by our Zeljko Petrovic, a well-known travel guide who can reveal the secrets of Belgrade and other cities around the country.
And when it’s over, here are some of the locales in our country that you must visit:

  • Uvac
    Uvac Special Nature Reserve is one of the most important natural and tourist assets of Serbia. Climb to the famous Morava Lookout and breathe in your full lungs while enjoying the scene! What makes this area particularly special is the large number of caves that will delight you.

  • The Krupaj spring
    Only 35 km from Žagubica is the Krupajsko springs, a system of waterfalls and small lakes of marvelous blue and green. The beauty of the nature of this area will make a lasting impression on you!

  • Devil’s Town
    She had to be on the list of recommendations! Although everyone has heard of Devil’s Town, few actually visit. Devil’s Varos is located on Radan Mountain and has two specific features – springs with very acidic water and earth figures of different dimensions.

  • Fantast Castle
    If the road leads you to Bečej, be sure to visit Fantast Castle, or as it is called, Dunđerski Castle. Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy horseback riding, carriage rides, as well as a stroll through the beautiful park.

These are just some of the suggestions we have! Enjoy the safety of your home now! And when the pandemic is over, enjoy the beauty of our country!

Your ECS!

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