Going to school – how to make it special!

There are many ways to pay attention to your child. If it goes to school this year, you need to talk to it, to prepare it for the changes that await. Remember, going to school is the beginning of a new stage of life and that is why it is important to prepare your child especially for it. What you need most at this point is time together. You can use these few days before the first of September to visit some places together, to talk unobtrusively during those walks about what obligations your child will have at school and thus make him feel safe and satisfied. It is up to you to choose the destination! ECS limo service is at your disposal for all transport services. Read on for some tips on how to fill the coming days with love and pleasure!

  1. Make the preparations together
    Buying notebooks, pens, crayons, backpacks does not have to be an ordinary consumer activity! Do you remember how carefully you wrapped the notebooks in the curlers, how you chose the stickers on which your name would be written, or how quickly you packed the books and the pencil case in your backpack? Make your child understand the importance and uniqueness of these little rituals. Go shopping together, let him just choose school supplies and notebooks, let him just make those little decisions and make himself more adult than the day before! Because going to school really opens the door to a different world, a lot of different challenges and making different decisions will slowly become a part of everyday life!
  2. Equip the work area
    Your toddler’s work corner should be a special, separate place that will be reserved for work, ie for doing homework, drawing, coloring! That surface should not resemble a place to play, because it is not. A reading lamp, enough space for storing school books and pencil cases that should be at hand – quite enough for a fresh start!
  3. Visit an interesting place
    Join your toddler in one of the city libraries, visit the museum together, have a family picnic, or, simply, go out for a family lunch together! There is so much at your disposal to give this September 1st the specialness it deserves!

If you want to completely relax and enjoy without thinking about traffic jams, transportation, parking, call ECS limo service! We are here to brighten up your most beautiful family moments!

The ECS limo service wishes all schoolchildren a happy start of the new school year!

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