WHITESNAKE in Belgrade!

After four years, Whitesnake a cult rock band re-performed in Belgrade on June 27th, and the honor to transport the band members was given to ECS limo service. We are proud of the fact that we are entrusted with the honor to provide our services to world stars and a band that has already entered the history with their tracks.

At the crowded stadium, “Bad Boys” started at exactly 21 o’clock in the afternoon, and after the audience spoke in Serbian, the great Cooperdale and the audience sang together all along. The concert at Tashmajdan was completed due to the severe storm that hit Belgrade, but just over an hour of great gig was enough for fans to enjoy some of the biggest hits of this band. And the storms that crashed into the crowded stadium during the song “Still of the Night” contributed to the overall impression being unforgettable. David Coverdale thanked the audience for his Twitter profile and praised the recordings from the concert.

The composition of Whitesnake was formed in England in 1978 on the initiative of frontman David Coverdale who previously performed in Deep Purple. During the decades of existence, there have been hits such as “Here I Go Again”, “Is this love”, “Still of the Night”, “Give me all your love”, “Bad Boys”, ” Is not no love in the heatr of the city “and many others. Whitesnake has been reformed several times, and the current composition has been running since 2002. Numerous albums, concerts, awards, tour have marked the history of this band. They are currently touring “Flesh & Blood” on which they promote the album with the same name. In 2005 VH1 put them in the list of the 100 greatest hard rock bands of all time. They performed in Belgrade five times, including a concert last night.

It is a special honor that we had the opportunity to be at the service of musicians and rock idols of our youth.

WHITESNAKE in Belgrade

We are looking forward to some return to Whitesnake in Serbia.

We are sure that, as now, we will choose the best and most reliable transport – ECS limo service!

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