What are the alternatives to urban and all other types of transportation?

The management and employees of ECS limo service would like to take this opportunity to thank all their customers for their loyalty, trust and commitment for all transportation and transportation services. As a result of the new situation caused by the COVID 19 virus, many companies and companies have canceled scheduled events and meetings.

On this occasion, we also urge you to be careful about yourself and others! Make all business and private decisions so that you do not compromise your health, the health of others, and that you reduce the risk factors for contracting this virus.
However, if you still have some urgent, important meetings, consider that ECS is still at your disposal as an alternative to urban and all other transport modes. The advantage of engaging the ECS limo service is the individual service, ie. door-to-door service – the vehicle and chauffeur are available to you and anyone you want to transport. All our vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and then made available to you.

Even though, before the pandemic caused by COVID 19, we paid great attention to the hygiene of our vehicles, we are now paying even more attention to ensuring the safety of our customers.

Once again we remind you that we have thrown out all types of magazines, advertising material, sweets, water – all with the aim of reducing the risk of spreading the virus.

We claim that renting a limo is one of the best ways to get around – get in one of our vehicles, get ready for an appointment, send us emails. Do what you have to do. But, don’t forget – while it may have sounded like a lightly used phrase, it’s not at all – health is paramount!
In the days that follow, we only wish you good health! Your ECS!

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