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How much do you know about the beauty of the Serbian mountains? If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit and visit them before, we suggest that your next destination be just one of them. What sets Serbian mountain tourism apart from the rest is the wealth of natural beauty, cultural amenities and exceptional gastronomic offer. Depending on what kind of atmosphere you want to arrange for yourself and whether you are traveling for business or private reasons, there is also a variety of accommodation options – from luxury hotels, to rural chalets where you will need to order a fire to get warm. If you want to fully relax and enjoy your trip, contact ECS limo service and book comfortable, reliable and luxurious transportation to your desired destination. What mountain beauties you need to see as soon as possible?

  • Stara planina
    Stara planina is 330 km away from Belgrade. It is under the snow for five months a year, making it a great choice for all winter sports enthusiasts. There are trails provided for fans of extreme sports. One of the most beautiful parts of the Balkan Mountains is Babin Zub, a protected nature reserve. Whether traveling for business or private reasons , with family or society, this mountain will live up to your expectations!
  • Kopaonik
    Kopaonik is the largest mountain massif in Serbia. Its beauties are protected by law, so one part is designated as a national park. Due to its rich tourist offer, top hotels and restaurants, as well as cultural and historical sights, Kopaonik is one of the most popular mountains in Serbia.
  • Rudnik
    Just 100km from Belgrade, in the heart of Sumadija, lies the Rudnik Mountain. Overgrown with beech and oak, with numerous hiking trails, and close to major cities, the Mine is the right choice for a quality weekend out of town.
  • Fruska Gora
    Fruska Gora is an island mountain in Vojvodina, and part of it was proclaimed the first national park in Serbia as far back as 1960. Vineyards, meadows, pastures, a large number of monasteries and cultural significance set this mountain apart from the rest.
  • Tara
    The magnificent mountain in western Serbia is so beautiful and special that it has been turned into a national park for the most part. The richness of flora and fauna, the natural beauty and the diverse offer for tourists are the reasons to visit it as soon as possible.

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