Driver or a chauffeur – which one do you need?

Ever wondered what the difference between a driver and a chauffeur is? Or maybe you thought the two terms had the same meaning? If by now you thought they were synonyms, you were fooled! The differences between the two jobs are large and quite clear. A driver is a man whose job it is to transport someone or something from one destination to another. And that is that. Driving is a priority. Unlike the driver, the job of the chauffeur is more complex and demanding. Of course, his job is to drive, but also to provide you with various useful information about where you are. The chauffeur will do his best to make you feel comfortable and enjoy your journey. Since the emergence of cars and sedans, the role of the chauffeur has been extremely important. Only rich families could afford this type of service. The chauffeur also had to be a trusted person because she cared about the safety of the family she worked for. This type of service has continued to this day, so the difference between the two professions remains large. At the ECS limo service you will meet the best chauffeurs in the country. Here’s what sets them apart:

chafeur in white gloves placing a bottle of water
  • Intuitiveness
    One of the most important qualities of quality staff is intuitiveness. So don’t be surprised if our chauffeur offers you exactly what you were thinking at that moment – music, coffee breaks or newspapers. If you are tired and need peace, you will not find yourself listening to what you are not interested in.
  • Appearance
    Although the fact that the suit does not make a man, the appearance still speaks volumes about him. Therefore, the chauffeur must be healthy, physically active, properly dressed and rested.
  • Trust
    Everything you talked about while driving with business associates remains confidential information. You can be safe and completely relaxed.
  • Information
    Our chauffeurs know the city very well and are ready to provide you with all the information to make your stay as beautiful and better as possible.
    So, in addition to taking care of your road safety, ECS limo chauffeurs are dedicated to helping the client.

One reason more to call ECS limo service and see for yourself the quality of service we provide!

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