And while March is fast approaching, this year there was practically no winter in Serbia. Spring temperatures have been around for most of February, too, and holidays are slowly being planned. For all nature lovers, below we will suggest some spas in Serbia that you should visit. The advantage of this type of tourism is that you do not have to spend a lot of time or a lot of money. And the change will appeal to you, that’s for sure. What should not be changed is ECS, the most reliable limo service in the country. We are available for all single and group transportation services. And here are some ideas where you can travel with us:

  • Vrnjacka Banja
    Probably the most famous and popular spa in the country. It differs from others in its rich cultural and artistic program throughout the year. Beautiful parks, clean air and local cuisine restaurants will make your stay unforgettable. With regard to accommodation, you can choose between private apartment accommodation and some of the luxury spa hotels available. If you go with a loved one, do not forget to bring a padlock to the Bridge of Love!
  • Sokobanja
    In central Serbia, surrounded by mountains, there is Sokobanja, a true pearl of spa tourism. Numerous thermal springs, picnics, air composition set it apart from other spas in the country. Stevan Sremac, Mesa Selimovic, Branislav Nusic were regular visitors to Sokobanja. Visit it too!
  • Trepca
    In the immediate vicinity of Cacak and Gornji Milanovac is the atomic spa Gornja Trepca. The thermal water of this spa is the most studied thermal water in the country and is a true rarity thanks to its medicinal properties. Visit this spa and recover your body and mind!
  • Siarinska Spa
    No spa in Serbia has more geysers than Sijarinska – and they are a true tourist attraction. This spa is located near Leskovac and has as many as 18 hot water sources. The surrounding hills protect Sijarin’s spa from the winds, so the climate is extremely favorable.

You can visit these and many other spas throughout the year. What should not be changed is ECS – Your reliable partner on every trip!

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