New Year’s Eve with ECS

December has arrived! The city is heavily ornate, and the feeling of anticipation of the craziest night of the year is slowly coming into view. Children are told tales of Lapland and the imminent arrival of Santa Claus, plans for celebrations and trips are made and everyone looks forward to the long-awaited break from their commitments. However, for everything to work out just the way you deserve it – flawless, take care of a few things in advance! Here’s a quick reminder that we’ve saved for you:

Prevoz za novu godinu
  • Restaurant
    If you are celebrating in Belgrade and the surrounding area with your friends and society, book your place in the desired restaurant or cafe in time. Do not get upset because the capacities of your favorite restaurant are bookmarked. It is also important that you know in advance the number of people who will celebrate with you that night, to provide plenty of space and enjoy your time.
  • Hairstyle and Makeup
    Dear Ladies, the standard large crowds on December 31 are everywhere, including in hairdressing and beauty salons. Schedule your appointment on time and enjoy the preparations. Dare to change and make sure you look different for a welcome!
  • Clothes
    And for the New Year’s Autfit, take care of it on time! As the year draws to a close, so sellers are bombarding us with announcements of soon discounts and discounts. You can wait and take the opportunity to market your desired pieces at a lower price, but if you belong to the group who do not like to leave things to chance, choose some striking, interesting clothing piece on time – because on New Year’s Eve everything is allowed!
  • Transportation
    One of the highlights on New Year’s Eve is transportation. Wherever you go, there are crowds everywhere. Do not risk freezing or soaking while waiting for transportation! On a night when everything is shining and glittery, call ECS limo service and get a touch of glamor on time.

We make available to you one of the sedans in our fleet and it will make you feel special that night. May the year of 2020 be forever cherished and ECS limo service partner you can always count on!

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