Traveling Serbia with us

Welcome to Serbia, the country of the most beautiful landscapes and warm and hospitable people! We dedicate this text to all of you who enjoy traveling, new and dear acquaintances and unforgettable impressions. And ECS LIMO SERVICE is here to provide you a comfortable and safe ride through some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Serbia.

Undoubtedly whether you are traveling in smaller or larger groups, we are here to offer you the safest and most comfortable way to experience the best of Serbia. If you decide to visit the north of Serbia or Vojvodina, read some of the information that will be of use to you!
Vojvodina is an autonomous province within the Republic of Serbia. It extends its entire surface in the Pannonian Plain and is predominantly flatland. The geographical regions that make up are Srem, Banat and Backa and part of Maca. If you have decided to get to know more about the beauties and cultural sights of Vojvodina, here are some suggestions:

  1. Novi Sad, Petrovaradin fortress
    Novi Sad lies on the banks of the Danube River and is the second largest city in Serbia. For a long time it was the center of Serbian culture, so they called it Serbian Athena. Today, it is rich in various cultural events, and an important place on the cultural and artistic map of Europe is today thanks to the EXIT festival, which is one of the most attractive music manifestations in the world. EXIT is held at the beautiful Petrovaradin fortress dating back to the seventeenth century. There is also a Clock Tower with a recognizable symbol of the city. Do not miss to visit the Danube Park, which is located in the very center of the city, the Novi Sad Synagogue, as well as the Strand beach. Numerous museums, exhibitions, theaters, as well as traditional Serbian cafes and restaurants will surely leave a striking impression!
  2. Sremski Karlovci
    Sremski Karlolvci are a city settlement near Novi Sad. Visit the Patriarchal Palace, the Karlovac Gymnasium, the Magistrate’s building, as well as Stražilovo, a hill on Fruška Gora, where the best known poet of Serbian romanticism, Branko Radičević, is buried. Do not forget to rest with a glass of quality wine in one of the many Karlovac restaurants.
  3. Dundjerski Castle (Fantast)
    The castle is located near Becej and belongs to one of the most beautiful buildings in Serbia. It was built by Bogdan Dunđerski and named Fantast by the beautiful horse of Bogdan Dunđerski. Today this castle has been turned into a hotel with a romantic restaurant.
  4. Zasavica
    Zasavica is a natural reserve and extends in northern Macva. It represents one of the most beautiful places to rest and to escape the city bustle. Enjoy nature, peace, quietness. Sail a boat through Zasavica, but also do not miss to enjoy the taste of freshly caught and prepared fish.
  5. Fruška gora
    Fruška gora is the island of Pannonian Plain and because of its natural beauty it has been declared a national park. There are also numerous monasteries to visit (16 of them), and the tourist offer is extremely rich. Recommended for family vacations due to different content for children.
  6. Deliblatska sands
    In Banat there is the largest European sandstone, Deliblatska sands. You must visit it because it differs in its characteristics from everything else you can see in Serbia. The specific climate and relief, the diversity of the plant and animal world and the most beautiful memories are guaranteed.

All these beautiful destinations should be worth a visit, and with the safe and safe transportation of ECS LIMO SERVICE every trip will be unforgettable!

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