“A suit does not make a man” is an old folk wisdom that is passed on from generation to generation. For us at ECS limo service it is very important for our colleagues to be neatly dressed, our dress code means only business suits. But today, a suit says a lot about a man – you can tell in some outfits how much one pays attention to a look, whether he works in a company where there is a certain dress code or is free to dress as he wants. If you belong to a group of business people who are obliged to follow certain rules of dress, we have decided to present to you some basic types of business appearance that have certain similarities and differences between them.

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  • Traditional, formal look
    A traditional business appearance involves a rather formal dress. The man is required to wear a dark or neutral tone, a white or other light shirt, a classic appearance tie and formal footwear. For women, there are differences in the fact that the lower part can be a classic cut pants or a knee-length skirt. The skirt is worn with socks and shoes of neutral or dark tones, and the upper part is shirts and blouses of lighter colors, which are required to wear a business jacket.
  • A “nerdy” business appearance
    The stylish business appearance is significantly different from the formal one. For men, it involves darker pants, a jacket that does not have to be the same color as pants, and a tie is not necessary. And shirts can be in color, not necessarily light. This look does not wear salon shoes, but the popular Oxfords or some other less formal shoes. Women are also allowed color shirts, cardigans or casual jackets, and shoes may be closed or with a small opening in the fingers. Bolder jewelry is also allowed.
  • Casual business appearance
    Although it may sometimes be allowed to jump out of a routine, it should not be forgotten that a business look should still be a business look! However, if you have the ability to dress more casual, choose jeans of dark or light colors, sweaters instead of jackets, vests, and let the belt or tie be of interesting colors and patterns. Women are also allowed dresses and skirts of appropriate length, but not necessarily narrow. When it comes to footwear, suitable sneakers or sandals can be worn, and the whole outfit can be refined with interesting details like jewelry, hair ornaments, interesting purses.

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